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Trish Myatt, Realtor® Helping You To Buy & Sell Real Estate in Franklin, Brentwood or Nashville, Tennessee

Buy & Sell Real Estate in Franklin, Brentwood or Nashville, Tennessee Real Estate in Franklin, Brentwood or Nashville, Tennessee

"For a foreigner like me, buying a house in Nashville is not only the biggest my dream but also the most scariest thing ever I had to address. However, Trish turned this stressful process into enjoyable, fun experiences! She gave me very details of explanations about construction, location, price of each houses we looked...and pros and cons based on her deep knowledge and long experiences. She always tried to maximize my interest and negotiate with a seller to minimize the costs for me. She patiently explained all terminologies to me in all paper work process. I am very happy about the house we found! The total price is much lower than I expected and location is great, the house is great conditions and very clean. She would 100% hard work for you to find your dream home in your price range. I was very fortune to have her as my realtor (or mentor)."
~ Hideki Iwamoto, Nashville, TN

"If you want a one in a million agent that makes you her number one priority, then Trish is your agent.!! Her knowledge of the communities, schools, special attractions, stores, points of interest is amazing. Her patience, integrity and honesty are unsurpassed.She listens to your wants and needs and helps you find the right fit within your budget. She is always there for you and encourages you to contact her with any questions or concerns through the entire buying process.It doesn't end with her just finding your home, she is with you from start to finish following up on all progress along the way and ensuring that you are satisfied. I can't say enough good about my wonderful experience of finding my dream home with Trish Myatt!! She is a clients dream agent!
~ Susan Umbach, Hermitage, TN

"Throughout our process, we were treated with much patience and understanding through our rough process of selling and buying our home. Trish was very accessible and very patient."
~ Paulette & Jimmie Cole, Franklin, TN

"Beyond the fact that Trish Myatt sold our house in record time, she was great to work with--very accessible, smart and very accommodating. She offered great advice and had access to valuable resources. We were thrilled with the result."
~ Jennifer & Michael Orr, Brentwood, TN

"I recently worked with Trish for the second time in the Nashville area, first to find a home in Franklin about 5 years ago, and again recently to sell that same home. She is the ultimate professional. Her business acumen and marketing skills are quite impressive. One thing that impressed me about Trish this time is her personal updates. In this day of texting and emailing, I really appreciated seeing her at my door or receiving a call from her."
~ Becky Gatten Smith, Franklin, TN

"Our Family was relocated to the Nashville area by the U.S. Military. We needed a house that would accommodate our growing family and serve our needs as a constantly moving military family. Trish informed us well about the Franklin area and recommended a great house and neighborhood. She did this by taking the time to get to know us and anticipating our needs. She found the best house on the market for us and helped make our move as smooth as possible. We absolutely recommend Trish without hesitation!"
~ Mary Ellen, Kevin, Hadley and Ellen Kate Bell

"Trish Myatt was such a pleasure to work with. She checked in with us on a regular basis to see how things were going and to address any problems that had arisen. Trish also recommended several different support services to us and everyone she recommended was outstanding. Truly enjoyed working with Trish and would recommend her to everyone."
~ Shannon & Mike Kurowski, Brentwood, TN

"Trish Myatt is a good listener and takes a personal interest in the people she works with. She works on issues and sees them through to a conclusion. We have worked with her several times and recommend her!"
~ Chris & Kim Fickes, Franklin TN

"We choose to work with Trish Myatt because of her gracious manner and willingness to serve. She is very accessible and always listened. Trish is a joy to work with! She went over the top with service and making appointments very quickly. She kept a positive attitude throughout and even began to rub off on us! Absolutely we would use her again and recommend her to others."
~ Kelly & Gregg Stanley, Brentwood, TN

"We had worked with Trish Myatt in the past and wanted to work with her again. She is completely accessible and always listens. No room for improvement!"
~ Kara & Ryan Snell, Franklin & Mt Juliet, TN

"We found Trish by "luck". She went far beyond our expectations. It was a great experience and we would absolutely recommend her to others. We've never experienced the type of service we received from Trish Myatt in any field"
~ Paul & Sheryl Combs, Franklin, TN

"Trish Myatt is not only an excellent agent, she is so personable. I felt like I was her only client. She makes one feel that way; and that no matter whether one is selling or purchasing a one hundred thousand dollar home or a one million dollar home, you know she considers these transactions equally important. Trish went above and beyond what is normally done by agents!"
~ Judi Hosch, Franklin, TN

"Trish Myatt was an absolute asset in finding my first home. I had been with another Realtor and had discontinued trying to find my first home because it was so stressful. The process with Trish was so much easier. Trish was always available and responded to all questions promptly. After looking at only a couple of houses with me, Trish had a great understanding of what I was looking for. She suggested a house that I hadn't picked out of the listings and it was perfect!"
~ Melissa Shaver, Nashville, TN

"Buying your first home can be scary and intimidating. But Trish was warm and friendly and really made the experience fun. She made us feel like she genuinely cared about our family and she had our best interests at heart. She seemed to give us 100% of her time and attention and we were well taken care of throughout the entire process. We are now in our Dream Home, thanks to Trish Myatt!"
~ Susan, Matt &Lilly Miller, Nashville, TN

"Trish's being a good listener allowed us to use our time more wisely. That was important to us. We were coming into Nashville from out of state. We have bought and sold 7 properties in our adult lives and this was the best experience we have had. We attribute that to Trish Myatt's patience, professionalism and integrity."
~ Joyce & Chad Ellis, Nashville, TN

"Trish is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and she is also very knowledgeable. When we started working together, I wasn't sure what I wanted or where to look but she is great at helping people figure it out. She has always been very good at answering all my questions and never put any pressure on me to do anything I wasn't ready to do. She takes what seems like a daunting and scary process and turns it into a very relaxed and fun one. You will enjoy working with her."
~ Mitchell-Nashville

"Trish was Great. I have already recommended her to others"
~ Diana Millage, Franklin,TN & Spring Hill, TN

"Trish was amazing. We would definitely use her again and recommend her to others"
~ Grace & Tim Anderson, Nashville, TN

"I enjoyed using Trish as my Realtor. She is very experienced in her work. Trish answered all my calls and followed thru. I would refer her to anyone that may be interested in Selling or Buying a home. She is a go-getter!"
~ Lisa Whitmer, Hendersonville, TN

"Trish is a very caring and supportive Realtor. Trish helped me through the overwhelming process of buying my "first" home as a newly-single adult. She was very kind and supportive and knew her business very well. Thank you, Trish!
~ Jan McCue, Mt Juliet TN

"May your clients treat you as well as you treated me for the entire year we communicated and worked together to find the house of my dreams. You lifted me up when I was just exhausted; I thank you for that-a gift of enthusiasm when needed the most-what a joy to have had. Thank you again for all your support and expertise!
~ Elizabeth, Spring Hill TN

"Dear Trish-Thank you for all of you did to help us buy our first home. You were such a pleasure to work with and it was great having someone to trust and rely on. Our house is perfect for us and I know we will make memories for years to come!"
~ Stacey & Jared, Nashville TN

"Trish-We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You were so great to work with. We greatly appreciate your honesty, availability & positive attitude during our house hunting process. You were always accessible and listened to our needs and offered advice. You provided excellent service. We were extremely pleased."
~ Alison & Scott, Nashville TN

"Thank you for all you did. This was truly the best purchasing experience that we’ve had in the other 7 houses we have owned. You are great at what you do and if I can ever make a referral-I definitely will."
~ Donna & Gene, Murfreesboro TN

"Aggressive in a positive sense and looked after our business".
~ Pieotr, Brentwood TN

"Trish communicated long distance on many occasions with us. When looking at homes, she had a great eye for detail. She listened so well as to what we were looking for that any time out looking at homes was well spent. My husband and I consider her a great Realtor. Thank you so much for everything during this smooth transition. Thank you so much for sticking it out with us. We couldn’t have done it without you."
~ Memori Bell, Springfield TN

"Trish paid attention to what I was looking for in a house. She was very accessible and prompt in contacting me and returning calls."
~ Jennifer, Brentwood TN

"Trish is great at anticipating questions and my needs. The whole process was very educational for me being a first-time buyer. She was very accessible and prompt."
~ Amy, Brentwood TN

Trish made our first "buying a home" experience stress-free, enjoyable and satisfying. She was awesome; she was there for us every time we needed her."
~ Connor & Lindsey, Franklin TN

"Thank you for your constant great attitude and sense of humor while helping us locate our land.”
~ Janet & Dan, Spring Hill TN

"Trish helped me search for a home as earnestly as she would search for her own home. She advised me as a good friend would do. She was accessible and listened and reconfirmed my needs along the way. She keeps in touch even 6 months after the sale.”
~ Kathryn, Nashville TN

I’ve bought and sold numerous properties over the years and Trish Myatt is the BEST agent I’ve ever worked with. She was on top of all the details, never missed a beat and always had a professional positive attitude. I hope we do business together again!!
~ Mary Kay and Bill Schreiber, Franklin, TN

"Trish Myatt was a Realtor, mentor and friend throughout the entire process. Despite my property being possibly the lowest commission she received this year, she still treated me like I was buying a $5 million house. She is phenomenal!"
~ Andrew, Nashville, TN

"Trish Myatt is very organized and a good listener. She worked with us until we found the right house for us! She has a great personality and was a pleasure to work with!"
~ The Nosser Family, Arrington, TN

"Trish is a consummate professional with a warm, friendly personality that is easy to like. We feel we gained more than a "forever home", we gained a life-long friend. After moving in the military and meeting several realtors in the process, we can honestly say that none hold a candle to Trish Myatt. We would comfortably recommend her to anyone looking for a Realtor and KNOW they would be in good hands."
~ Kirsten Reed, Spring Hill, TN

I am a Realtor and kept thinking during this process that I hope I give my clients ½ the service Trish Myatt gave me. Well done!"
~ Kathi, Nashville, TN

"When we found her, we adored her right away. We were in contact for several years before we looked at houses. She was always available. Trish Myatt was helpful, professional and very knowledgeable at every turn."
~ Jenna & Eric, Brentwood, TN

"In an extremely hectic, difficult and detailed process-Trish Myatt made the task of purchasing and building our home bearable in a very stressful time. I will be forever grateful for her willingness to go out of her way and truly serve her clients."
~ The Homan Family, Brentwood, TN

"Trish Myatt was very level-headed and kept me calm while selling my home. She helped me make informed decisions."
~ Mary Morris, Nashville, TN

"When I first started looking, Trish went over the available areas in Bellevue that she knew I would be interested in. Trish really shows her compassion and dedication in her work. It surely comes across when she was working with me and my family. I would certainly recommend Trish Myatt."
~ Dale Levine, Nashville, TN

"Trish is a wonderful Realtor and a lovely person. We are so thankful we found her! I would recommend Trish Myatt to everyone!"
~ The Kann Family, Brentwood, TN

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